Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh, I'm serious!

My car wouldn't start today.


I'm not joking.

I wish to God I were.

So, I finally got a jump start, drove it to my mother's house and hooked it up to a battery charger.

Come to find out a couple hours later, the battery was completely out of water. I'm fairly certain that I fried out the battery.

I'm actually kind of hoping that its only the battery. If its the alternator or the starter, we're in for another huge hit financially. Damned foreign cars. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

My mom lent me the money for a new battery, thank goodness. I'll be paying that off a dollar a week for the next 23 years (okay, slight exaggeration there).

I really pray that this is it for a while... and that I win the lottery (which I can't even afford to play!!) very very soon.


Kentucky Girl said...

Argh! That is totally frustrating! Y'all are having a bad time with the cars of late, eh. Grr..

angie said...

there is a place next to summit south that says they work on foreign cars, its like A1 something I have no idea. its on the other side of the classic paint shop. they might be able to help you out a bit but I'm sure they'd charge a pretty penny... and A pretty penny is all I've got to loan ya *shrugs* thought I'd toss that out there. hope the truck doesn't give you any trouble. seemed to be stopping and going weird to me, but of course I wasn't all awake.

I'm praying for ya. love ya!

darlene said...

yikes, i hate when that happens...but i always try and find the good when it does, like i was not stuck on the highway on the side of the road, etc...

Trisha said...

Hmmm...water huh? Maybe I need to go check my fluid levels soon huh? Damn! How I can REACH them with this belly of mine keeping everything just a few inches out of reach. Why do we not know men to help us? If I've done all that Gary has said why do I have no men? LMAO!! Yeah, guess I'll be doing some fluid checking the 4000 degree temps. BLEH!! Why us? Why is it always US!