Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I obviously could use a little extra money. We’ve been trying to save up enough money to make our bathroom wheelchair accessible for some time now. It seems like I can’t quite make ends meet, though, and am struggling to save any money for the bathroom.

So, I signed up for Smorty earlier today and I already got approved to get paid to blog! Any penny I earn from them, I’m totally putting towards the bathroom. I’ve already decided!

Its super easy to submit your blog at their site. It doesn’t take hardly any time at all to get it all figured out and start making easy cash by blog advertising. Smorty will even email you the opportunities that will work on your blog. Then, you just log in, accept the opportunity, and make some cash.

You’re going to check it out, right? Why wouldn’t you? You obviously already blog, since you’re here… Go sign up. Make some cash. Buy me a present, since I clued you in. Okay? Thanks.

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