Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I finally got the flyers printed off for the benefit we're having at the house in November. Thank goodness. Now, I just have to get them to people to hand out. Sounds simple enough...

Tom's older sister and husband came over today for a nice visit. We talked about everything from hunting to 4th graders getting sick. Uhm, no, we don't have any kids in 4th grade. Tom's niece is a teacher...

Elizabeth is coming over tonight. More homework! Yipee!!

And, Saturday is girls night. I better remember to take a nap that day.


Bluepaintred said...

i can't come. but thanks for the invite


lalalalalala now i know your phone number and if I ever wanna go broke really quick I will call you!

Elizabeth said...

You loved doing the homework! Oh yes you did.
I can tell and now you are thinking about going to school to pursue a criminal justice degree.
I love you honey you save me!!!!