Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is My Life

I love my digital camera. Tom got it for me for our first Christmas after he got hurt. I thought it was an unnecessary purchase and gave him trouble for even considering it as a present, although I had wanted a digital camera for a long time before then.

I have a FugiFilm FinePix S5000. I’ve owned it for nearly four years and have definitely got every pennies worth from it. I have been asked to take friends senior pictures. I have been requested for weddings. I am the designated photographer for any birthdays, holidays or other form of event.

My true passion with my camera is portraits, though. I love to be the person called when my friends or family want new photos for their picture frames or, when they need photos to pass out in Christmas cards. I’ve even been called on a moments notice just because a friend is feeling especially cute that day. I’ll immediately grab my camera and take off to the nearest location!

I highly recommend that everyone have digital cameras of some form. At the very least, a small pocket sized one to carry easily on you is essential. You could find the perfect sunset and be able to quickly snap the photo. You could find that one weird plant that you love but can never explain to anyone and have a picture to show everyone next time… The options are nearly endless!!

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