Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Plans

I'm hosting my mom's family Christmas this year. Its kind of exciting, really. I think only one of my cousins from that side of the family has been to my house. So, we'll be able to show off our house to everyone this Christmas... which, in return, means that I have to clean my entire house for Christmas.

Not that I wouldn't of had to clean it anyhow.

We'll be going to my cousin's house for my dad's side of Christmas (I never know how to say that correctly). We've never been there, either, so she'll be going through what I'm going through also!! Yay for us, I guess.

Tom and his sisters get together with his father and step mother on Christmas eve traditionally. I believe that is still the plan this year.

My mom and my sister will be over Christmas morning, to the best of my knowledge, just like always. And, Tom's family is coming over Christmas day!

If I were smart, I'd start tidying up the house now. But I won't. I'll wait until the night before and wonder why... as always!


Bluepaintred said...

i wish it was christmas right now.

I want my presents!

Not a Granny said...

Sounds like you two will have a busy couple of days! We expect pictures!!

Sheila said...

Blue - I used to want christmas to hurry up... now I want it to slow down. I only get a few gifts and I wanna savor them. :)

NAG - I'm sure there will be at least one photo...

Bluepaintred said...

i don't care how many gifts I get so long as the one in the back of my closet moves from there to under the tree by Christmas morning

wanna know what it is?

Elizabeth said...

Move it lady get to cleaning!
You are going to have to do it without my coaching or being around to help you motivate.
I know you are sad.