Thursday, October 27, 2005

Family Fun

My cousin came to visit. We stayed up way to late, and laughed so much that our checkbones hurt. Of course, I'm sitting here now, feeling the reverb of the evening. I think I should take a nap. Thank goodness work is slow enough that I don't have to go in today.

And, I've re-injured my back, AGAIN! Not horribly bad. But, its definately making itself known. Oh yeah. Thats loads of fun. I think I did it at work, thinking I was okay to lift some boxes. Yeah, probably won't do that ever again. They're just boxes... its not like I'm trying to lift a car or anything. Anyhow, I can't risk it. I've got to be able to move Tom around. So, boxes are a no-go.

I wonder if my back will ever be normal again. Getting older sucks, in case you didn't know.

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