Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chemo, Coffee Breaks, Cars and Christmas

So, it would appear that my dad is doing pretty good. I guess he even mentioned that he'd like to go back to work. Although Monday was only his first round of chemo (he's through radiation already), I guess he's already starting to get pretty bored with staying home all the time. And, I suppose if I were him, I could understand why. I mean, the man has worked his whole life. Well, a week of here and there, but with knowing he'd be back to work afterwards.

Our heater is making up its own rules, and its a little nerve racking. Its a little late in the year for a heater to go out. Yet, I feel bad for addressing this to my landlord. The heater is definately whining in protest of being used, and takes its own unscheduled coffee breaks (or so it feels). But, it is a champ. When it gets back from its extended coffee break, it puts in double time... making it too hot in here. Where is the happy medium, I ask.

My sister wants to go car shopping this weekend. I'm pretty sure she's not really going to get a car (unless someone sells her one in perfect condition for only $50... which at a dealership is highly unlikely). But, I'll definately go with her. It'll be fun. Maybe we'll test drive some crazy expensive cars that neither one of us will ever be able to buy. Fun, or depressing. Now I haven't decided for sure.

The holidays are coming up. *insert ultra-sarcastic jump for joy* I always get a little stressed around the holidays. A) I know its not about the presents, and B) Everyone is always appreciative of whatever they get. Yet, I love to please people... so I'm always concerned that I've not done enough. And, what do you buy for a quadrapeligic anyhow? Or the ones that claim they 'don't need anything'. Or the ones who would appear that they already have everything... I don't know. I need lists. Yes.

Alright. I suppose I should shut up and get ready for work.


Angie said...

i was listening in on the convo from the other room... just the fact when he was at work the other day he thought he could handle it, minus the lefting... *shrugs* i don't know, he's been kinda tired and junk today

see-star said...

...:-) as for cars, I told dad - and he mentioned that I don't have to buy anything right now because I'd have to pay taxes and stuff and it would be best to wait for the new year.... or not at all... but he said that a newer car would probably be nice. I told him ideally i'd like to use my tax return as a down payment... but we both agreed its kinda not the time. I don't think it will ever be time....

as for xmas - i don't event want to decorate... halloween is monday and all I can think about is just turning all the lights off and hiding from it all. I could gather a list of junk I want but don't need but whats the point? I've always liked things with thought behind them over anything on my wish list. even on amazon most the junk my list there is cds.... real exciting. I just can't get into the spirit.