Monday, October 24, 2005

Marriage - or lack there of...

Why is it that everyone wants to know when everyone else is getting married? Is it seriously their business? Do they need to know so they can save up money for their elaborate wedding gift? Mark that date in their calander, even if they're only casual aquaintances? I just don't get it.

Now, I'm not offended by the question, but I am a little flustered with having to constantly answer it. Do you see a ring on this finger (now, that does NOT mean that I am not in a COMMITTED relationship - just for clarification)? If I were getting married, I'd be the typical newly-engaged girl, showing off her shiney band by constantly scratching her nose (so much so that you think she's trying to tell you that you have something on your face without really saying it) and leaving wedding magazines laying about everywhere. (Not that I have any real strong desire to be married, fyi. I'm actually neither Pro or Anti on this wonderful -all be it, expected - ritual.)

So what if I'm almost 30 (holy geez). Let me just address to the world (or my itty bitty little slice of it), that I do not see marriage in my near or slightly distant future. It just doesn't compute with my situation. Seriously.

Okay. Thats it.

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Vicki said...

I totally agree Sheila. It is not anyone's business and is an extremely impertinent question to ask of a person anyway, except in some rare circumstances.

I don't wear a wedding ring by choice, and I got married mainly for immigration purposes. This says nothing about my level of commitment to my life partner!

PS glad that you are blogging. Keep it up!!