Monday, November 14, 2005

The First Dream...

I finally had my first dream about Tom walking... he has had several of these, most of our friends already have experianced the dreams as well. I thought I was almost immune.

He was post SCI in the dream. Had been a quadraplegic for some time. Then, one day, I came home from somewhere, and he was cooking dinner (standing). I looked at him in utter amazment, and ran to hug him. He wasn't 100% healed, he had said. And his abilities weren't back to normal, and probably wouldn't be normal ever. But, he was able to walk slowly, unassisted.

It was all weird, but what I found most interesting was that his hands were still not working correctly. They had the same movement that they do now (which is minimal). And, he told me that his strange phantom like feeling in his lower extremities were still there, instead of regular feeling.

But, he was able to do things for himself! And, he was SO happy (of course), and I was estatic.

I woke up a little happy, yet at the same time a little depressed. But, what do you do? Remember the good times, and let the bad ones roll off, right? Thats what I'm going with.

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