Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Restless sleep

With our heater not being overly friendly, and definately moaning in detest in this 32 degree weather, when the smoke detector goes off for a split second at 5 in the morning, you tend to over react a little (if there is such a thing).

I did all sorts of strange things to make sure that it was really just the battery going dead in the detector. Like, I looked outside the bedroom window to make sure there wasn't a ball of flames where the outdoor unit is located. I studied the vent in the bedroom to gaurentee that I did not see any smoke, for like 5 minutes. I felt the walls. All this time, of course, the smoke detector was done voicing its need for a replacement battery. But, still, I watched the bedroom ceiling until 7 in the morning to make sure everything was okay... Needless to say, sleep was a little restless last night.

Things to do today: Buy new batteries and replace them in smoke detectors. Nap. ;)


your seeeeee-star said...

that had to of been a bit freaky with your strange fear of fire lately.
i need xmas ideas!!! :-P

Vicki said...

How about a flameproof suit?

hee hee

GoodSheila said...

matching suites, one for the each of us.