Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter

Oh yes, I'm jelous of everyone going to see the movie today, tomorrow, and for days to come. Heck, I'll probably not see it for a while - when everyone else in the theatre will recite the lines with it.

Firstly, I hate theaters so crowded with teenie boppers that you feel like you're in junior high again. Secondly, my budget won't permit it until after the new year.

Why are movies so expensive again? I think $8 to deal with an overcrowded mess of people is crazy, let alone the $5 to get a beverage or a 3 ounce bag of popcorn. The theater should pay us for dealing with the traffic, the hords of pushy people, and the bubble gum that sticks to your shoes while watching the movie.

Ah, I'm just bitter because I can't see the movie yet. ;) (Well, okay, only a little.)

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