Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mouse Murder

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness... I had to do it again!! Darn my cats for being so effective at mousing!

There was a little crime scene, with blood splattered on the bathroom linoleum!! In FOUR different locations! My thorough cats dragged the hemophilac of a mouse out of the bathroom into the hallway - to make sure I would see that they are not slackers, I'm sure - leaving a 4 inch streak of red evidence right inside the bathroom door. And, during the struggle, a wash cloth was taken hostage and was used to attempt to cover the itty bitty body of the dead dead mouse! (I'm not sure how the poor innocent wash cloth got involved in the matter. Probably the typical instance of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Of course, I had to immediately retreat back into the bedroom after I found the body, and discuss with Tom my plan of action. Oh dear. Oh dear. I would of left it for Paul to find in the morning if it wasn't in the middle of the hallway... could you imagine being the unsuspecting person to travel to the bathroom after just waking up and STEP on a dead mouse!! Oh my gosh! That is NOT okay.

So, while continuously mumbling a mantra of, "Its okay, its okay, I'm okay, its okay," I scooped the victim and his make shift body bag (wash cloth) into the bathroom trash can, very quickly tied the bag shut (so as to make sure the ghost doesn't escape, I guess), and then put the trash can back where it belongs.

That's as far as I could go with the carcass. I'll have to have Paul empty the trash tomorrow.

Of course, then I had to sterilize the scene, erasing the evidence of the mouse murder.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Why is this so traumatizing for me?! I have NO idea. And I don't care.

I was nearly ready for bed. Now, I'm wide awake, and looking over my shoulder for either the ghost of the mouse, or his brothers and sisters coming to seek revenge! Eek!

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Vicki said...

Say, this sounds awful.. but isn't it better than having the (live) mouse run over your foot while you're sleeping?

Just a thought.