Sunday, December 04, 2005

Done: Shopping, Crazy Cake Orders, 'Corrupting' Sister

Thanks to my sister-in-law being so helpful, I have successfully finished Christmas shopping! Yay! Now, I must motivate to wrap... yes, that is on my list of things to do.

Tom has figured out (on his own, even) what to get for his sisters. So, I suppose I'll run and get those gifts here soon.

Otherwise, I think we've gotten everything under control. We're done early enough with shopping that I'm terrified I've forgotten someone. Another good reason to wrap gifts soon, to double check my status.

My sister came to 'save my life' at DQ (that's a pretty lame link) today. (Even though she had said she wasn't coming to visit me earlier today.) Crazy orders. Do you know who Peter Max is? Well, I sure didn't. (I've just been told by Paul that he is the guy that drew the Yellow Submarine. Go figure. Would of been nice to know before I made the order...)

Anyhow, someone wanted a cake with 'his style' of flowers on it. How in the world do you do that? I have no idea. I made it up. I hope they're okay with it... And, I hope I don't get another Peter Max order, ever.

I kept my sister up until midnight. Hehehe! That's two nights in a row.

Alrightie. Tomorrow, alterations. Whoo-hoo.

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angie said...

so if I want a graphite colored Dogdge Stratus R/T 4 Door with moon/sun roof.... how do I find that? lol a 4 door R/T is rare from what I've seen, but I have seen it lol. same as moon/sun roof....

as for staying up until midnight, thats no big, I've been doing it often lately.

hope you had a great sunday!