Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm having some blogger template issues here... The standard navigation bar (normally at the very top of this page) is making its way into my posts when I view my page. So, I've tried deleting it. I kinda feel bad doing that... I don't have a problem 'promoting' this place. But, when it decides its new home is in the middle of my post - well, it has another thing coming. ;)

I've been looking at some free blogger templates , but I haven't found one with all the previous posts and archives... which I personally like. So, I'm still here. With my ghetto template. For now, anyhow. I'm slowly trying to figure out the coding for this thing... (Hence the crazy background here). Maybe one day...

Anywho - routine urologist appointment Tuesday for Tom. Hope the weather is decent enough. Tom doesn't handle cold that well, as we all know. But, I'm more concerned about driving that van in bad weather. I don't care for the way it handles on a picture perfect day, let alone wet roads, ice or snow!! Not to mention the brakes are getting close to needing some TLC. Go figure it would be needed during the holiday months, where money disappears as quickly as my Diet Coke!

Oh yeah, my computer successfully shut itself down four times tonight (within a ten minute span - mind you), without me prompting it to do so. (*insert very loud growl here*) The error report says something about drivers needing to be updated. Now, I have no flipping clue what a driver is, or how to go about updating it... Clever that it tells me this, don't you think? Yes, of course I'm thrilled with it.

And, I have also filled my dance card for every weekend the rest of this month. Mildly exciting, yes. Overly stressful, yes. Not to mention that I've been suckered into helping co-manage the DQ while they look for another manager (long story, will bore you with the details some other time). So, I will officially be 'on call' starting next Thursday. Whoo-hoo! (Please note the over exuberance felt by all at this moment.)

(Please note that my paycheck will reflect positively on this stupid maneuver of mine, at least.)

Yes, yes... Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every other Wednesday I will be staring at my cellphone and praying it doesn't show the good ol' DQ on the caller ID. (BTW - Cakes is my main job, still. And, will be my only responsibility after a new manager is hired and trained.)

Wow. I'm loving the parentheses today. Spread the joy. Over use YOUR parentheses today too!

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angie said...

you're a dork. hmmm, and I thought I was the busy one.... but look at you go lol