Sunday, December 11, 2005

Won't you take me to...


The girls went out last night for Stacy's birthday. I, not being a dancer - and having no desire to share my lack of rythym with others, volunteered to be the historian for the evening. I took a ka-trillion photos.

Anyhow, its pretty difficult to get pictures of people while they're on the floor, and you are not. Thank goodness for my ultra-awesome camera (Thanks Tom). It shines this green lazer-like light at the subject before the photo is taken. So, I pointed at the dark dance floor, aimed my green lazer at my friends and clicked the picture. Of course, quite a few of these were blurry. I don't have it down to a fine science yet... I'm working on it. Some (like the one above) turned out really good though. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

We had a damn good time, that's for sure!! Just a little FYI for all you computer nerds out there - I'm only 23 in hexidecimal and in bianary I'm 00100011! I had an awesome B-Day - Thanks guys!! Stacey