Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hm, Okay...

So, being the numb skull that I am, I forgot where my aunt told me to go. So, I check it out online. Duh. As soon as I see the address I remembered. Anyhow, I look a little further into it, and it says you can get your transcripts for a 'verifiable extreme hardship only' (which I'm pretty sure I do not qualify for).

I guess I'll wake up and call them early in the morning. That way I'll see if its worth dragging myself out of bed for. ;)

On the plus side, I did see somewhere on the IRS site that the transcripts normally arrive in 10 business days. That's not too horribly long, especially since I called them last Monday (I think).

And! And! I spoke to my landlord. He is okay with us hanging around longer, so we're not officially booted on the first. He might even be able to spare us 3 months or so. Therefore, my stress level has dropped quite a bit because I know I will not be homeless come the 1st.

I'm still moving forward with looking at properties online. Lisa's ex-husband's wife is a real estate agent, and we've recruited her help. She's found a couple of places I'm interested in for sure. I will not allow myself to go look at them until I know how much I can afford, though (well - unless someone twists my arm a little).

I'm really kinda getting excited about this whole process. I've wanted to buy a house for a long time, but its getting closer to my grasp.

I can almost feel the warmth of my own home in my heart. (Yeah yeah, a little overboard with the cheesiness there, huh? I'll tone it down from now on.)

Hm - the parentheses fairy is on the loose again - watch out!!

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