Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Let's get this show on the road!

Hm. Well, I didn't run all over town to get my tax transcripts. I didn't even bother with the scavenger hunt.

But! After I had truly decided to not mess with this whole ordeal, my mother calls me:

"You've got mail."

"Oh really?"

"Three envelopes from the government. How do you get three tax returns?"

"Uhm, you don't, Mom. Can you open one and tell me what it is?"

"Okay, its open. What am I looking at?"

"I have no idea. What does it look like? Is there a date on it anywhere?"

"Oh, this one says 2003."

"Ah-ha!! Its my transcripts!!"

*insert little dance for joy*

Now, I must schedule an appointment. Yes, yes... *mock evil laughter* I will get my loan! I WILL.