Thursday, February 23, 2006

Slightly deflated here...

Doing the first round of paperwork for the loan shows that I'm going to qualify for a lot less than I was hoping for. And, I have to write a letter explaining why my credit history had some marks on it... uhm, maybe its because my boyfriend is a quad?! And, my bills were not important while he was in the hospital?! And, therefore, when I started paying them again, I was behind and it took a long time to catch up?! (Yeah, I think that I'll word that a little differently...)

I don't mind writing the letter, actually (I just don't know exactly what they want to hear). My credit score is moving upward and onward, now. We're on to bigger and better things, right?

Obviously, this loan amount limits my options more and more, though.

How come its so expensive to live in this county? Are there gold flakes in the water, or what? Why is it that I can pay _blank_ to rent a house in this county, but that's not enough for a house payment?

And, why am I so 'poor'? I have a job. That pays money. Regularly.

How does one keep the job they have now, and move an hour away? (By moving and getting a different job, you most probably get paid less - therefore making it harder to make the payment).

Anyhow, I'm looking south and east. Hopefully I'll be able to pull something off that is still accessible for Tom. There are options. None that are saying, "Ooooh, me!!! Pick me!!" But, I've not gone to look at any in person yet.

I'm done complaining, momentarily. Please resume your regular blog surfing. Thank you.

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Vicki said...

I totally sympathize. When we look at what we can afford here in Vancouver on what seems like a really good income, going back to live in your area seems verrrrry attractive. So you can at least count your blessings you don't live here, where you can enjoy beautiful views and a nice mild climate from your tiny, poky apartment.

I also think that you're very lucky they gave you the opportunity to explain the "dings" in your credit rating instead of just calculating your score with their computer and then saying "nope, sorry". Did you know you can append a short (100 words or less) message to your credit report too? Might be a good idea in case you want to make other requests for credit in the future.