Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Inspection

So, we got the house inspected today. Tom and I had noticed most of the things the inspector noted. A shingle missing, a couple bricks missing, fireplace repairs, older hot water heater, running toliet, leak under a sink, blah blah. Important things, but not enough to keep us from purchasing the house.

The biggest problem (that we didn't notice) is that the windows are crap. Well, the windows aren't crap, but the tracking is. Therefore, when you open the window, it will fall out!! Four windows are like this! Holy geez.

So, we tell the seller that if she replaces those windows, we'll buy the house.

She says no!?! She had gotten a quote a couple years ago to fix them, and it was going to cost her way too much because the repair guy said all the brick would have to be removed in order to replace 'em. Therefore, she doesn't wanna do it.

Uhm, how's she gunna sell the house with windows that'll fall out? I mean, I think if you push on them from the outside, they'll fall through.... that kind of sounds like an important thing to me.

Anyhow - so now we're getting a quote to see how much it would take to fix the windows. Blah blah. And see if there is some deal we can work out.

I still really want this house. But, I can't live there with windows that will fall out if the wind blows too hard...

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