Monday, April 10, 2006

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I don't know if these two people want to be known, so I will not address them by name.

But, I would like to let them know that their gifts are truly appreciated and Tom and I would not be able to get this house without them. They've made this dream closer to reality. Their gifts create so many emotions its hard give them a proper 'Thank You'.

With the help we've received, we've almost taken care of these 'unknown' costs mentioned in the previous post.

Well, you know, the initial cost. I am fully aware that purchase will be an ongoing cost, even past the house payment itself.

Uneducated in this process - yes.

Dumb - not so much.

Mac and Cheese and Ramon Noodles, here we come!! Yay!

But, by golly, we'll have a house of our own!


Anonymous said...

I sure wish there was a way I could help you monetarily!! I really really do!! But if I can't do that much, you just let me know what I CAN do and I'll do it whole heartedly! You guys deserve the best. Love ya lots, Trish

telakiniya said...

:-) so, whatcha doing this week/weekend? sorry couldn't resist the normal monday question lol

I'm glad things are working out! hope you're having a wonderful monday!