Tuesday, May 30, 2006


* Urologist - whoopie! The drive there was pretty decent, actually. Thank goodness they did all that work on the highway. Our little two lane highway is a little bumpy, though. But, I think they're going to start working on that asap. Tom took his GPS unit and kept track of the roads and shops that were labeled. Of course, its not the same as looking out the window while driving (Tom's chair sits up too high in the van - all he can see is the sides of the road.) We need to find a way to get him into the convertible on this gravel driveway! Doesn't sound easy, if you ask me.

* License Bureau - In and out, AGAIN! Amazing. Of course, if I had not thought to look for my insurance card before I had gone, I would of been very upset. For some reason, I did not have my new card! The old one expired in January. Hm - glad I haven't needed it these last couple months.

* Burn permit - Not allowed. :( Darn it. Of course, it would of been nice to know before I drove into town to fill out the paperwork. And, I had called before hand... of course they didn't mention it then! Now, what to do with all this brush?

* Bank - for some reason, I keep depositing money, but my balance isn't getting any larger. In fact, it keeps shrinking!! Of course, that could be due to bills. Hopefully after this crazy month, I'll be able to figure out exactly where I stand, and be able to budget properly. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to deposit $2.00 into savings each month. ;)

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telakiniya said...

what do you mean no burn?