Monday, May 29, 2006

La La La La

Tomorrow we make our first trek to the urologist from the new house. Its a routine catheter change. No big deal. Not real happy about having to travel with Tom's pressure wound, though. But, we're already a week overdue because of the state coming last week.

Tom got up in his chair for a couple hours yesterday, just to break the monotony of being in bed. You know, trying to prevent him or myself going insane... seemed to work alright. Tom's been in bed all day today without complaining too much.

I haven't looked at the wound today. I will in a little bit. I hope its doing alright still. Man, I think I hate pressure wounds as much as Tom does.

I got sucked into a Deadliest Catch marathon. I don't know why I enjoy that show so much. Its almost as addictive as MythBusters. And, yes, I realize those are two totally different concepts... But, if either one are on, you might as well just count me absent for the day.

Uhm, yeah, I think that's about all I did today. Rather ridiculous.

Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone spent lots of time in the sun and got horrendous sun burns so I don't feel so bad for missing it all.

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