Sunday, May 21, 2006

Meet the neighbors!

Tom finally got to meet one of the neighbors tonight. The guy had been drinking a smidge (although he seems to be a pleasant drunk), so I'm not sure what sense the conversation made... if any. ;) But, at least they now know each other exist, and hopefully will be able to be more neighborly to each other. (This is the neighbor directly behind us.)

Turns out there's a cover band a couple doors down from us as well. I guess they cover Rush tunes. The neighbor said he'd take us down there to listen if we wanted... but this was late in the conversation and things started getting a little blurry as to where exactly the band practiced (in the garage, in the basement...who knows?) so we're not certain that Tom would be able to physically see the band play. But, its definitely worth checking out. We heard a little bit the other night while sitting out on the back deck.

Grandma sold her house with it on the market less than a week, I think. She seems really excited and happy about the whole process, which makes me happy of course. It will be a little odd to not go over to her house for the holidays, but I'm sure we'll manage just fine. Of course, Heather immediately offered up my house... isn't that nice of her? ;) Heck, she hasn't even seen my house!

Anyhow - I'm getting closer to getting the table cleaned off. And, I guess I should get outta here before I lose motivation.

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