Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I've got a little more time now, so I thought I would attempt to update everyone on the move.

We stayed our first night the first, which is also when I got hit with a horrible cold that gave me a 102 degree fever. I was torn between trying unpack and organize or curl up in bed. The bed won, and I hardly got anything done.

On Tuesday, we finished bringing everything over to the house as I continued to fight my miserable cold (and continued to lose). I managed to get some things unpacked, but felt like I was making no progress, which I'm sure is normal anyhow. But, it was amplified due to the cold.

Tuesday night I started feeling a smidge better, but Tom was next in line. His fever spiked, and he thought for sure pneumonia was on its way. I spent most of the night reassuring him that it was not pneumonia, and watched him suffer through the worst part of the cold.

Wednesday, Tom's dad brought over the newly altered ramp for our front door so Tom can easily make it inside. The thresh holds are still dramatic, though, so Tom does get a little jostled. We're probably going to put mini ramps inside also, so the transistion will be smoother. And, we need to ramp the back door still - although Tom can get outside and sit under the awning.

Tom's son's graduation was Sunday, and we were going to go. But, Tom was still (and IS still) fighting this cold, still thinking he was going to get pneumonia. Of course, its held on to him harder than myself. Yet, I'm not completely over it either. This cough is miserable!

I'm nearly done unpacking all the boxes now, although all of my knick knacks are spread over my table. I've not put anything on the walls yet. I thought I would wait until I was certain the furniture was where I wanted it before I started destroying the beautiful paint job.

I am still baffled how all this stuff came from such a small apartment!!

I think we'll have our first guest in the guest room towards the end of May! I hope everything is put away by then! It definately should be, but, you know, I'll worry about it the whole time.

The pressure sore on Tom's rear opened back up a little, which has us on high alert. We're taking the necessary steps to make sure we heal it up before it gets worse, of course.

We've changed the date of the party - the invites should be in the mail tomorrow.

I promise to get some photos taken soon. I just really didn't want to share photos of a box filled living room... ;)

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