Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Boy, oh boy.

It all seemed easy enough. And, I surely didn't think it would take more than a couple hours.

I've never been a great judge of time.

The plan was to go like this:
2:00 - leave house
2:20 - arrive at Doctor's to pick up 'script
2:40 - arrive at parents to switch vehicles
2:50 - arrive at Grandma's to pick up chest of drawers, vanity and night stand
3:15 - leave Grandma's, drop off 'script at HyVee
3:40 - arrive at house, unloading furniture and getting Tom in his chair
4:40 - leave house
5:00 - arrive at parents house, picking up sister and couch
5:30 - leave parents house
5:50 - arrive at house, unload couch
6:30 - take sister and truck back to parents house
7:00 - run by HyVee, pick up 'script
7:20 - home to relax!

Yeah, well, no. That didn't happen.

Well - no - it all did happen. But, at a much slower pace with many added extras.

Like, I offered moral support for my aunts while they were pricing things for the garage sale. Once in a while, I think I might of actually helped too.

Angie and I picked up the coffee table from Tom's mom's house.

The rain was quite impressive - delaying us a smidge.

We re-arranged the guest room, like, 4 times. And, I'm still not certain I'm satisfied.

We moved Angie's console upstairs. (Wow. That was heavy!)

Uhm, there might be more. I'm not certain.

I do know that I didn't get home until nearly 11:30 pm!!

And, I didn't even get by HyVee to pick up Tom's 'script tonight. Its okay - he doesn't need it until tomorrow evening.

Yeah, I'm definitely not a great judge of time.

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telakiniya said...

thought you'd know better by now lol