Monday, June 05, 2006


My grandma is downsizing by moving to a smaller house. Therefore, she's going through stuff and trying to give the family members what they would like before selling it in a garage sale. (And, it'll be a heck of a garage sale - definitely one to spend some money at.)

Grandma offered me one of her couches, that I could absolutely not refuse. My couch is in poor shape - so much that its nearly better to sit on the floor.

Poor Uncle Danny and Mark (my cousin Debby's fiance) - those guys had to work through the maze of doors downstairs in order to get it into the truck. It was quite the ordeal... removing doors, push this way, tug that way, backtracking and starting all over again. Yeah, I don't know how it got in there originally. Grandma says the movers that brought her the couch nearly took it back to the store because they were tired of trying to get it into that room.

Anyhow, by the time we left Grandma's, it was nearly 10 pm. Angie was beat, and has to work in the morning. I don't really want to drive the truck to my house, then drive back to get my car. I don't want to leave my car overnight...

We contemplate the whole couch scenario for a moment.

We decide to store the couch in the garage overnight to avoid any possible damage from rain, small children, etc. We'll deal with it tomorrow after Angie gets off work (right Ang?).

Anyhow - I think my mom is camped out on my couch, in the garage! She said it was really comfortable.

I told her, via IM, to get off my couch or I was going to tell Grandma!

I can just see it now. She'll probably sleep there tonight! ;)

I'll definately have to make sure I get the couch tomorrow, otherwise mom will gain squatters rights, and I'll lose my couch to her and the garage!

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