Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cats are worse than kids.

I don't know what got into my cats last night. They were definitely up to some mischief! I woke up this morning to a small disaster!

My kitchen cabinet where I store my cleaners was opened and there were two bottles on the floor. (Thankfully they weren't open.) I know this was Noname's doing. He is almost too smart for his own good - getting into the cabinets frequently. We constantly yell at him to quit. Yet, if he's hunting a mouse... I can't get too angry, can I?

I have a change jar in the bathroom, tucked into a corner. It sets on the edge of a bathroom rug. And, Paul also has one of those rugs that wraps around the base of the toilet. Anyhow, both of those rugs were wadded up in the middle of the floor. Therefore, the jug had slid off the rug and tagged my tub, probably rather violently. It was destroyed. Paul sifted through the glass to remove the change and threw away the jug.

Not to mention Noname's strong desire to sit on the window ledge in the living room. He weaves in behind the shade. Which has already bent the slats, breaking one. I now have my shade opened enough that he doesn't have to push it out of his way.

I'm contemplating getting the child proof latches for the cabinets. As for the jug - if I get another - it'll probably be plastic. Or, it won't be setting on my floor!


These cats think they have the run of the place!

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