Friday, June 30, 2006

Stuff and Junk and Stuff

I've been trying to think of something worth sharing with everyone here. And, I really haven't come across much. I'm so good at mindless babble, though, so I'm sure I'll have three thousand paragraphs before I'm done.

Tom is feeling much much better. Kinda makes me wonder how long that infection had been going on... His old wound on his calf is open again. We're going to have to figure out his boot (first photo - if you're interested) situation. It's pressing against this spot, creating the sore. Sucky.

Since we had to adapt to hospital hours, we're attempting to keep them here at home too. Mind you, I'm not up at 7 AM like they expect at the hospital. But, we're turning out the lights no later than one AM and I'm rolling out of bed at 10 AM. I might become an early bird yet! (Wanna place bets?)

But, Tom and I have both realized there is no hope for me being nice when I first wake up. I'm making more of an effort to not speak for 20 minutes after I wake up. Hopefully, then, my first words of the day will not be horribly offensive. For some reason, I truly struggle to be the slightest bit pleasant when I wake up, whether or not I sleep for 3 or 2341 hours. I find that odd.
(Ha! And they're both odd numbers! How accidentally cleaver of me!)

Tom is making more of an effort to anticipate me not being nice when I wake up, and attempting to remember that my mood has nothing to do with him. ;)

We hope to go to Tom's sister's 4th of July party tomorrow night. We'll arrive late and leave early, most probably, in order to minimize any possible damage to Tom's rear. But, we'd definitely like to make an appearance.

Somehow a telemarketer talked me into this. Its kind of hard to remember to write everything down. They should ask people to participate for 2 weeks, and disregard the first week while they're trying to adjust to it. Anyway - it didn't cost me anything, so... whatever. Its not like I'm doing much anyhow, right?

Wow. Its not even 9:30 PM and I'm tired. Too bad its program night - otherwise I'd probably go to sleep right now. How weird, huh?

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telakiniya said...

you and "normal" hours... I'm interested to see how long this lasts :-)