Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fireworks Fog and Family

Tom's sister, Trish, invited us to the annual 4th of July party that she and her boyfriend put together.

Tom thought carefully how to maximize his time in his chair, and beat the heat (as much as possible). He decided we should arrive later in the evening (of course) and hang out for a couple of hours after the sun went down to watch their fireworks display.

I definitely should of brought my camera. You would think I would know to take it everywhere with me... but, for some reason I haven't learned my lesson yet.

Tom did get a little overwhelmed with all the firework smoke. He almost thought he was going to have to leave the party. I nearly agreed. We decided to move to the courtyard between the house and the garage, which limited the firework fog dramatically and saved Tom's lungs. Thank goodness!

We had a lot of fun. We stayed much longer than we had planned.

And, we slept like babies when we got home.

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