Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Old and New Traditions

How was everyone's fourth?

Our out of town company made plans to meet up with some friends, which left us wondering how we should celebrate. At the old place, if we walked up the road, we could watch several different displays at once. Of course, we had no idea if we'd be able to see anything around here. The boys suggested loading up in my car and watching displays from the road... which if they had mentioned it earlier, I might of been up for it. Instead, we hung around the house, watched the neighbors set off their fireworks and relaxed.

It really seemed to bum Tom this year that we couldn't do our normal celebration of going out to the lake. I think it was because our company were normally the people we spent the fourth with. Although we're getting a little bit more comfortable in our 'new lives', we still haven't quite figured out the safest way to get Tom onto a boat. There are many variables (and I'm such a What If* girl) that we're just not there yet.

Tom went to lunch today with friends. Doesn't sound too impressive, yet this is the first time he's been out to a restaurant since he's been hurt. He said he got a little bit messy, but overall, he enjoyed himself. Afterwards, they all went to Wal-Mart to browse and shop. Tom came home with a couple solar lights for the front walkway and a touch lamp for the living room. This, of course, was an excellent purchase because Tom can work the lamp with no problems.

I went to work fairly early, otherwise I would of lost all motivation to get there. I stopped by to see Dona after work while waiting for my family to get home from where ever they were. ;) We started stenciling names onto staff shirts for camp, which starts Monday. I haven't quite figured out my schedule for that week... I suppose I'll play it by ear.

* What If girl - To constantly contemplate any possible outcome of any situation before entering into said situation. Contemplations can be positive or negative, although normally more negative. Most of the time, contemplations are outrageous and nearly impossible outcomes of said situation. Yet, by being a What If girl, all situations must be thought about constantly until the W.I. girl is nearly insane with thinking of all possible outcomes.

For example:

  • What if Tom were to fall into the water while attached to his 300 lb chair?
  • What if the boat were to sink because Tom's chair would increase the weight load to surpass the limit?
  • What if Sheila were to get so intoxicated that she agrees that it would be a great idea to throw Tom into the water to see if he'll float?!

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Anonymous said...

How about if you want to throw my darling brother into the water you bring him to my pool so that it's a bit easier to examine his floatability and easier to save if it goes south on us. :)