Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just call me Moron

I could bore you with camp details, but I will not.

The only things that I will mention will be my beautiful sunburn (which really isn't as bad as it has been in years past) and my frickin' poison ivy on my FEET.


You read that right.

I have poison ivy on both of my feet.


(Me. Not you.)

And this is why you wear tennis shoes (not flip flops) while setting up camp, not just when camp is up and running.

It doesn't itch horribly bad yet. But, it gets very irritated and somewhat painful when I wear socks or shoes.

So, today I wore my flip flops while at camp, again.

But, this time I stayed on the concrete flooring of the only shelter house, mostly. I definitely did not come anywhere close to any plants that could be poison ivy.

But, my question would be: How do I work on Saturday? I cannot wear shoes. And one must wear full foot protection when working in a restaurant.

Its in the Health Codes.

This stuff needs to go away. Like, now.

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