Saturday, July 29, 2006

What the...?!

I think I have hives.

I have no idea what else it could be.

It's on my hands, mostly my fingers, and its driving me nuts. Little bumps - kinda look like baby blisters? They're itchy when they first come up, then it goes away.

I noticed them last night on only one of my fingers. They've spread, obviously, since then. But, I've not noticed them anywhere else besides my hands.

Why did I get hives?

I didn't eat / touch anything different that normal.

Oh, I see (after quick research) that stress can cause hives. If stress is what has caused this outbreak, we've got problems.

Then shouldn't I be one big hive by now?

They better go away. I have no desire to have hives. And, honestly, I don't know anyone that really does.

Hmm... I really wonder if they are hives. What if its some crazy disease?! ;)

What if I've got the Black Plague!??!

I can make a good hypochondriac when I try.