Monday, July 31, 2006

When in doubt - babble

I sit here, in an all too familiar place, thinking all too familiar thoughts.

What are these thoughts, you wonder?

Well, they're mainly of nothingness. Okay, more along the lines of having nothing to write about.

Yet, I feel compelled to post something - more so for my own entertainment than for the satisfaction of my readers (all 3 of you - or 5, or whatever).

There is lots of stuff I want to do, but nothing is winning over the idea of having to go outside to do them.

There is some stuff I need to do, but none of it is anything I choose to take on at this moment.

What did we do before AC?

I grew up without (or with limited - aka: window unit) AC, and I survived. I even went outside somewhat regularly. Only sometimes did the temperature hinder my planned activities for the day.

Now, I wake up, watch the news for the weather and think about what I might do outside if it weren't 115 degrees (with the heat index).

I wonder if I use the weather as an excuse. If it were 80 degrees, would I still make up an excuse to not make it outside?

We could go shopping. Tom got some money for his birthday. I'm sure he'd love to go to Home Depot to buy all sorts of stuff.

How is it that I use the weather as a reason to not do things inside my house? I find that rather impressive.

Like - I could do the laundry. But, its too hot to have the dryer going.
Uh - you've got the AC going...
Well, running the dryer will make the house hotter, therefore making the AC run longer... Thats not energy efficent!


Marsha said...

I have days like this when I am not certain if I should get off my behind and do something productive. today I actually managed to clean up the kitchen and fold a load of laundry. There is more I can do but frankly it is just to hot.

telakiniya said...

ok, just say when...preferably a little in advance. i'm going to try to make an appointment with honda to get the backwindow/tint looked at and hopefully fixed soon, so if you can let me know when you want to do something so I can plan around it, that would be swell. :-P

Anonymous said...

Heat is strictly a LAME EXCUSE! It has never stopped you doing something you want to do - like day camp.

However, it is a GOOD excuse, one I use myself.