Saturday, August 26, 2006

Do unto others... or, ya know, don't.

I don't know if I've just been in more of a foul mood lately than normal, or if the general public are becoming overwhelmed with morons.

I don't know why shoppers cannot grasp the fact that they are not the only one with a shopping cart trying to get down an isle. Why, oh why, do people insist on moving their cart to the middle of the isle so they can stand between it and the shelves. This makes the isle impossible to navigate through. With a polite, "Excuse me," I attempt to push my way through. And then I get a dirty look while the person jams their cart over out of the way?!

Or, leaving the cart within eyesight while glancing at something in the middle of the clothing section, which wouldn't be a huge deal - there should be room to navigate around the cart - except that your small child is standing in the middle of the lane of traffic with his nose shoved so far into a game boy that he's oblivious to his surroundings... Again, with the polite, "Excuse me," which isn't heard by the child entranced by his game. Saying excuse me a little louder catches the mother's attention, then she commands the boy to move. Twice. Loudly. Then the child hears the mother's voice and looks up at me angrily because his character just died due to the interruption and slowly moves towards his cart.

I rarely hear the words 'Sorry' or 'Pardon me' at any store, it seems. Well, except for when I'm saying these precious phrases, of course.

Where are people's manors?! Respect? All that jazz that we were taught in kindergarten?

Oh, and just to keep count, out of the four 'Lift Van Only' handicapped parking spots at this store, one was a van... the others were compact cars - and there were empty 'regular' handicapped spots available. The van wasn't even a lift van, either. But, at least they had the general idea.

FYI - Lift Van Only spots are the only handicapped spots with enough room to use a lift. Hense the name. If ya don't got a lift, don't park there. Cuz, someone's got a lift... and needs the frickin' space!


(No, I did not have Tom with me. But, I always look at this because I want to give gold stars to the people that use these spaces correctly. Or, you know, flatten a tire of the people who don't know how to read. Whatever.)

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