Friday, August 25, 2006

It makes me a little crazy...

These are things that I have noticed that I'm a little OCD about... which is a weird concept to me.

But, now that I have my own house, it's changed my perspective some.

I find it ironic that a lot of these things never bothered me before now.

  • Leaving the kitchen cabinets open. It is not that hard to close them. Do it!
  • Being the only person that can change the toilet paper roll. Uh, c'mon.
  • Things being moved around in my house. Its my house. Don't move it.
  • Assuming. (Let's just leave it at that.)
  • Wet towels, on the floor? Is that necessary?
  • Blocking my car in the driveway. Its a massive driveway, man. Why do you park so I cannot get out?
  • Leaving the storm door open all the way, or just a crack. Who's paying the bills here? (Uh, that would be Tom, for anyone who's following along here.)
  • Commandeering the TV if there is more than one person in the room. Why not ask if its okay to change the channel?
  • Turn off the outside light. If we're all asleep, there's no need to have the light on. Pointless, I tell you.
  • Don't leave dirty dishes around the house. I don't care if you're going to use the cup later... put it by the sink. It'll be there, waiting patiently for you.
  • Until you know that I'm awake (and staying awake), do not turn the volume up too loud on the living room TV. In the same respect, if its bedtime, turn down the TV.
  • If the door is closed, don't enter. Knock. Its just simple respect. This goes for any door.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, water the plants, run the washing machine, dish washer or whatever else uses water, while I'm getting into the shower.
  • Turn off the frickin' light/TV if you aren't using it or don't need it.
  • The front screen door slams. Everyone forgets now and again... I get that. But, after using the door 5 times within a 5 minute span... seriously? Ya think it's not going to slam?
  • Don't tell me, "You know what you need...." when I realize you're saying this because you want to use it, and it probably wouldn't benefit me at all. Yet, you still expect me to pay for it?!

And last, but not least (as I'm sure there will be another list like this in the future...)

  • When you're done taking a shower, please press the thingee (yes, that's the technical term) to make the water come back out of the tap instead of through the shower head. I hate getting sprayed with the shower head while I'm trying to adjust the water temperature.

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