Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rich Hill

'Big Mouth'
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Believe it or not, we found the cemetery with absolutely no need to stop and ask for directions. Of course, that might be because it was the biggest thing in Rich Hill - minus the 'Big Mouth'.

This cemetery stretched across a highway and had no rhyme or reason to placement, it seemed. Old stones were everywhere, mixed in with new stones, all over this 5+ acre place.

Angie and I tried walking around the whole place, looking at each stone one by one, trying to find our family. That didn't work. We didn't find any stone with the last name we were looking for, let alone one of our family members!

We'll have to go back when the caretaker is on duty, to ask for help. This place was huuuuuuge!

As for the 'Big Mouth' (which is the thing Angie is standing in!!) ... I don't know much. And, I haven't seen anything about it on the internet.

But, if ever you go to Rich Hill, ya gotta see the 'Big Mouth'.

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Keri said...

Hey guess what Sheila!! Blake and I are engaged now! Just thought I'd let you know.