Monday, August 07, 2006


  • I got my oil changed today. It was only 10,000 miles over due.
  • I used the car wash gift certificate I got for Christmas today, hoping I could make it rain. Obviously, no rain, but they vacuumed out my car - I almost forgot what color my carpet really was!
  • Nearly went to the License Bureau today to renew Tom's tags (which expired in July - oops!). It was a mixed blessing that I remembered before I got there that I had not gotten the van inspected yet.
  • The old weed beds in the front yard have been tilled (mostly), exposing crappy dirt with lots and lots of gravel mixed into it! Pretty sure nothing will grow in there yet - well, minus more weeds of course.
  • Got the invite for my cousin's bridal shower today. It's scheduled for the day before my birthday. I've decided everyone should bring gifts for me too! ;)
  • Still haven't figured out the propane problem. Probably should do that fairly quickly. Just call me the Propane Procrastinator!
  • The rash on my hands still hasn't gone away.

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