Sunday, September 03, 2006

$1,642.50+ a year *

I could have my car paid off in half the time left on the loan.

I could have some kick butt landscaping.

I could save to build a garage.

I could save for an addition for a 100% wheelchair accessible bathroom.

I could pay off my house in 17 years instead of thirty.

I could pay off my credit cards within a year.

I could buy new clothes whenever I wanted.

I could afford to travel.

I could take some college classes.

I could buy a pottery wheel!

I could afford a manicure and pedicure monthly.

I could fix my fireplace.

I could by some really impressive Christmas presents.

I would have money to lose at the boats! (That one is for Trish!)

I could afford to figure out why my Check Engine light is coming on.

The options are (mostly) endless... I will have to continue to think about this.

* - do you know where this figure comes from?


GoodSheila said...

Angie said she couldn't comment... so I'm giving it a try.

Her guess was right, btw.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking the boat sounds like a most fabulous idea. When do we go?

Love ya, love your