Sunday, September 03, 2006

This is where the title goes...

The last two weeks I've wanted to paint my mailbox. It still has the previous person's name kinda sorta on there. And, its just kind of neglected-looking.

I have yet to remember that I want to paint the mailbox on a Saturday. I always remember late into Sunday, when I'm uncertain that the box will dry in time for Monday morning mail and that it'll be safe in case it rains.

Maybe I need to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take the mailbox on a Saturday...

You wouldn't think you'd have to plan so much to paint a mailbox!

Paul has nearly removed all the cactus from the flower beds, thank goodness. I'm sure there is a pretty way to grow cactus... but this stuff had taken over the whole bed, pushing the poor iris around.

And, we've decided to move the iris as well. Its being put into the circle (which isn't really a circle).

So, the flower beds in front of the house and down the sidewalk are nearly bare. Which is great, except that we've no money to buy pretty flowers to put in them...

Oh well.

Hopefully we'll scrounge enough money to at least put down some weed barrier and mulch. That will help the curb appeal dramatically.

We're still dying to paint the outside of the house. But, Tom and I haven't really decided on a color yet.

There's also that money factor.

Thank goodness most of my house is brick, though. It'll cost a lot less to paint it, then. And, it won't take near as long!

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