Friday, September 01, 2006


Junior is here!

And, he's not so junior, if you ask me.

He's running around in my bedroom, right now!

I think he's coming after me to get revenge for taking his father's life.

I'm sitting here, with my shoes on and my pajama pants pushed up to my knees (to avoid it crawling up my leg, I guess?), while I continuously scan the floor.

I tried to get Paul to take care of the problem, but by the time we made it back into the bedroom, Junior had taken off!

I'm certain he's going to get me in my sleep... its driving me insane.

Its not like I want to go looking for him, but I'd really rather he be dead before I decide to get into bed.

This has got to stop.

Where are they coming from?

Why must they torture me?

And, why do they hide so well when I go for help?

I feel like I've met my match. Its like this house knows my weaknesses and is learning to use them against me!

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