Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Causin' trouble

I brought the printer from the ancient-computer-that-no-one-uses and hooked it up to the newer computer tonight at work. I guess, technically, I should of asked if it was alright to do this. But, I didn't care whether or not anyone else wanted it downstairs. I did. So I moved it. It would of never been done otherwise.

And, actually, I suppose I shouldn't be using the new office computer anyhow. All the user names are password protected, and I'm not listed on the welcome screen. But, I helped set up the computer when it was brought into the store, and set up all the users. I suppose it was a little sneaky of me to 'break in', but one of the users never changed their default password.

Its not like I did any harm to the computer.

I did add my department as a user, afterwards, and made it password protected too. I'm sure that's going to piss off the manager. I don't care. He's so computer illiterate that it'll take him months to realize I've added a new user, let alone that he doesn't know the password to get into that account.

But, I figure that my job does have a need for google images on rare occasions.


I didn't do all this just to be facetious.

Okay. Maybe a little bit.


angie said...

i think its a good idea and about time

angie said...

btw, what are you doing this tuesday lol, I have my dr appointment in the morning and I have church at 7.... *shrugs* just thought I'd throw that out there lol