Tuesday, October 17, 2006

'WEB' cams

Tom's mom and sister, Trish, pull up in the driveway last night. We weren't expecting the visit, but always enjoy the time we get to spend with them.

As they're getting out of the car, I notice they have their hands full. I'm assuming whatever they've brought is for Tom, of course. But I was wrong, mostly.

(I'll show you Tom's mother and sister handed me at the bottom of this post.)

Tom's sister did bring Tom a DVD. She saw this guy on Oprah, I think, and was really impressed with his story. She wanted to share it with Tom. Tom was making jokes through the whole DVD, but I think he got the message.

In other news, a couple of our friends are moving to the Virgin Islands in November. They decided to get two web cameras to keep in contact with friends and family. After purchasing their cameras and getting them set up, they called us because we're one of the few people they know that already had cameras.

Neither Tom's or my web cam are top of the line by any means (mine was so grainy that I looked like I was in a blizzard, and Tom's sound worked for 30 seconds until the recipient was deafened by a outrageous static).

We had purposely bought cheap ones since we were only going to play with them. (You know, like while Tom was in the living room, we'd have the cameras on so we could see each other.... lame stuff like that.)

So, we all get online and bog down the sad satellite Internet that Tom and I have, playing with our web cameras. We immediately decide that if we're going to use these things to talk to our friends in the Virgin Islands, we better get a decent quality camera quickly.

Which we've done. My credit card company really likes me. I'm horrible, I know.

But, heck, our web cams look pretty darn good.

Okay, okay...

I'm done with all that.

And, I know y'all were hanging in there to see what Tom's sister and mother brought me.

So, here ya go.

a cute little beanie baby SPIDER!

a cute Halloween decoration stuffed SPIDER!

and, the one that gave me the most heeby jeebies (and just because this post is outrageously long anyhow, I will point out that heeby jeebies is not recognized in spell check), the SPIDER book!!

With pictures of big hairy spiders in it!

Okay, don't get me wrong. The stuffed animals are cute and all... but the book? I could of gone without the book....


angie said...

thats funny, I like tom's family lol

Elizabeth said...

Ya, um funny but the book ew!

Elizabeth said...

I think that you might be out of control!
Just so that is clear. :-)