Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Deep Thoughts

If the door is closed, you should probably knock before entering.

Otherwise, I might just have to shoot you in the head.


(I really am an easy going person. I feel that I am normally very reserved in my actions. I try to be mature when dealing with tricky situations. I attempt to think before I speak, and work hard on making sure that my words convey my thoughts and feelings while taking everyone elses thoughts and feelings into consideration.

Of course, I am only human.

My downfalls would be that I tend to not address things that bother me as soon as they happen. Instead, I hold on to anger and frustrations for long periods of time. These fester inside, and eventually I will go off on the offender for the stupidest reason possible. Then, my angry inner child sometimes takes hold, and I say things much more abruptly and I can be very harsh while making my point.

But, I do make my point. ;)

And, boy howdy, the offender does remember the offense... and usually does not make the same mistake twice.)


Trisha said...

Why so cranky?!?!

RisibleGirl said...

I can be accused of doing the same thing. I have a feeling that, like me, you probably aren't 'harsh' very often even if you think you're being harsh. You seem too nice to ever get very harsh.

I've seen the other side of the coin- the people who go off on everybody and NEVER hold anything back... I'd rather be this way, even if it's not necessarily good for my mental well being sometimes.

No regrets..

Trisha said...

It's okay, you don't have to justify it. I know what kind of girl you are, and some how, I love ya anyway. :o)

Elizabeth said...

That is kinda funny. Just kidding I think that people should respect other's privacy.
Love ya!