Sunday, November 05, 2006

More proof:

That I'm a bright girl.

The other day, an old friend of mine came over with his 3 year old son. While we were in the backyard, these two saw a soccer ball on my deck (now, why do I have a soccer ball? I have no idea).

The father and son start kicking around the soccer ball. No big deal.

I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back at the duo, I saw this soccer ball coming straight at my face. With pretty good speed behind it, mind you.

And, what do I do? Well, instead of putting my hands up to catch the ball, I turn my head.

The ball nails me in the cheek, and helps push my head further around.

My friend freaked out because he had thought for sure I was watching, otherwise he wouldn't of kicked the ball at me. I was just thankful that I turned my head fast enough, otherwise I would of been wearing permanent contact lenses instead of my glasses!

Yup. I got whiplash from a soccer ball.

Its great.


angie said...

yay for the ramp! boo for the soccerball lol

sounds like and eventful weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize that you HAD friends, let alone old friends.


Elizabeth said...

That is FREAKIN funny!
Sorry but the mental picture of that is great!