Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I dunno.

I've not really had anything interesting to say.

I'm trying to figure out the holidays and how to be twenty places at once. (Okay, its not that dramatic.)

I'm also trying to figure out who is sitting with Tom when while Paul is gone for 10 days.

I'm wondering if my personal property tax for this past year is correct, since I moved out of that county half way through the year. I'm also wondering how I go about figuring that out.

I'm looking at my living room, trying to figure out where to put the Christmas tree... especially since Tom's large outdoor plants are hanging out inside through the winter.

I'm thinking about how I have to get Tom to his next doctor's appointment without Paul, which should be interesting to watch. (I've only loaded Tom into the van once by myself, and that was a loooong time ago.)

I've decided this cold needs to be done, like, yesterday.

I'm hoping that business at work picks up a little more, otherwise I might not need anyone to sit with Tom while Paul is gone. (Because there won't be any reason for me to go to work.)

I'm wondering how to find a 'work from home' job, and if I'd really have the motivation to work daily.

I want to know how to win the lottery without wasting money on it every week.

I'm frustrated for my sister and her car situation, and I want to take someones head off at the dealership for her.

And, lastly, I'm curious as to what color I should paint my house... cuz this pink stuff drives me crazy.


Elizabeth said...

What is wrong with your sister's car?

Sheila said...

They think her anti-theft isn't shutting off all the time, so her car won't start some times... and will start other times.

But, this is the third time in three weeks we've had to take it up there. The dealership is not having any problems with it.

Trisha said...

Tell her to check her gas cap. LOL. This seems to be the dealerships "cure all" for every problem with a car these days. :o)

Seriously, you apparently have to much time to worry about things. I think you need like 5 jobs!

Elizabeth said...

Well that can be a problem.
I would take it up there the next time it happens and tell them that whether or not it happens for them it happens with you so FIX IT!
They have to be able to do something.

Sheila said...

We dropped it off at the honda dealership yesterday. They're going to send it to saturn (since that's the kind of car it is) and see if they know what the problem is.

Here's hopin'!

angie said...

they're not going to send it to saturn... I have to take it up to tiffany springs saturn... an hour north. . . . . but I'm not crazy! The guy there is the only one they can find that knows what I'm talking about and has any idea how to fix it.