Sunday, November 19, 2006

yeah yeah

I'm certain you're tired of hearing about my stupid page, and the changes I've made.

So, I won't tell you about the snowflake brushes I downloaded to make the background have 'real' snowflakes instead of 'make do' snowflakes.

And I obviously wouldn't even begin to tell you that the page is blue instead of white now. That would just be stupid.

Since I've nearly got this one example of a layout figured out enough to change out the background and such, I'm kind of excited for the next holiday... so I can see if I can figure that out, too.

To most of you, this is boring crap to read about.

Sorry, deal with it.

Do these snowflakes make my butt look too big?

(Seriously, though, are the snowflakes in the content area too distracting?)


Kentucky Girl said...

Love the new look! :)

Sheila said...

Hey thanks, KG, that means a heck of a lot coming from you! I'm still working on it...

Trisha said...

Wow? Snowflakes, I didn't even notice. LOL.

No seriously, I love them! Not distracting at all, it looks great!

Elizabeth said...

I think it looks great!