Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Possible Panick Attack

Yeah, there's an ice storm a brewin'.

I'm not nervous about it, really. We've got food. I can ration my diet coke and cigarettes. We've got a ton of blankets if the power goes out.

But, you know I have an addiction when I start freaking out that I might lose my satellite internet and tv.

(When ice builds up on the satellite, the signal can't get through... rendering me internet-less. The tv signal is less apt to go out, but it will if the ice gets bad enough.)

We're supposed to go to the wound clinic tomorrow. If this weather keeps up, I highly doubt we'll even attempt it. On a positive note, though, Tom's wound is healing remarkably well.

Man, if the power goes out for any amount of time, I'll have to change Tom's air mattress to a regular one. Sucky Suckerton.

Anyway - I'm off to do all my internet stuff in case I can't get online anymore tonight.

Pray for me. ;)


Trisha said...

Pray for you? Seriously? I'm still stuck at work, my car is covered in ice. I've watched tow truck, ambulances and fire trucks go by my work a couple of times now. In the distance I see traffic coming to a halt because of accidents. I still have to stop and put gas in my car because I figured the weather wouldn't get bad until after I LEFT work. So darling...I will pray that you don't have to be bored tonight...but pray that for me that I make it home ALIVE!! *sigh* Bad, stupid dumb ice!

Sheila said...

Okay, okay. Geez. I'll pray for you too (and all other travelers).

Don't get your panties in a bunch.

(And, please, be careful.)

Trisha said...

Okay, so I made it home. Took me over an hour to drive my normal trek of 20 minutes, but I made it alive. Looked like a car graveyard out there though. Seriously does this EVERY YEAR!! Anyway, I'm safe and sound and back at work now waiting for Round 2 of our winter storm!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I hate this crap!
Why do I live here I ask myself every year when this happens and yet here I am still! HHHMMMMMMMMMMM..................
I don't mind the snow even though I hate the cold but ice I mean really is it necessary I think not!