Thursday, November 30, 2006

Could be worse, I guess.

Snow and ice sucks.

Not having a carport sucks.

Not putting gas in my car the last time I was out sucks.

Having a sidewalk without icemelt sucks.

Having a fireplace and not being able to use it sucks.

Being out of Diet Coke sucks.

Not having a way to get more Diet Coke sucks.

You know, overall, today hasn't been so bad.


angie said...

thats the way to look on the positive side :-)

Trisha said...

Having to go out and warm up your car for 30 minutes before you have to be at work and then STILL having to scrape ice and snow off of it sucks too!! Just so ya know.

angie said...

the stupid scratch guard plate thing under my car is my guess.... I just couldn't get thru the drift. however the truck melted so I got in it and flatted out the driveway... but now I get to work tomorrow *shrugs*

Sheila said...

Wanna come flatten my driveway? ;)