Friday, December 01, 2006

Freakin' Out



No Diet Coke?!

No cigarettes?!

How do I fix this situation?!?!!!!?!

I have no idea how the roads look in this neck of the woods.

I'm fairly certain my gravel road won't get plowed, and I can't see the main roads from my house.

My road has been traveled, though. So, I know its passable.

Yet, even if I do decide to venture out, I don't have anyone to sit with Tom while I run to the store. Now, yes, I'm sure he would be fine for 45 minutes or so...

But, I have to play the 'What If...?' game.

  • What if I slide off the road and Tom is left alone for hours while I have to wait for a tow truck?
  • What if the cats knock over the Christmas tree onto Tom and he cannot escape the fake forest until I get home?
  • What if I have to travel to twenty different gas stations because each one is out of Diet Coke and cigarettes?
  • What if the snow were to suddenly all turn neon pink and blind me while I'm driving?
Ah, gotta love the 'What If...?' game. All logic can be thrown out the window when playing...


Trisha said...

What if you didn't go at all and had a mental break down and killed Tom and the cats with the tree and then threw the damn tree out into the neon pink snow, got in your car and got lost on the way to the gas station and ended up in Mexico and they wouldn't let you go home and then the world exploded into a million little pieces. Yeah! What if that happened all because you didn't go get your stuff! You'd feel pretty bad then wouldn't ya! Well, you'd be dead, as would the rest of us...but I'd still know it was all your faul!

Sheila said...

Exactly! You're so good at this 'What If' game, Trish!

(BTW - I got my Diet Coke and cigarettes... peace has been restored in the world.)

angie said...

they've decided its the ignition switch, and they tried to ok working on the car with the warranty company but of course its saturday so they couldn't get a hold of them... but they said they'd fix it first thing monday morning when they get the ok. how I'm going to get it when its done I'm not sure yet, but i've got a couple days lol

so how'd that neon snow treat ya?

Trisha said...

Oh I'm EXCELLENT at the "what if" game. I really like the happier ending ones like "What if I won the lottery?", or "What if I ran the world?", or "What if I were a REAL Princess?". LOL