Monday, November 13, 2006


I put in your stinkin' lines, Trish.

I hope you noticed without me telling you... but I'm sure you didn't.

Just like you didn't notice the new background.

Gee, you hurt my feelings.


Trisha said...

YAY!!! LINES!!! I LOVE LINES!! They break everything up so that I can tell you didn't have 50 new entries in one day...I can see the beginning and end of every entry. I can't be the only one that didn't like the lines being gone. Everyone else was just too scared of you to say anything. You don't scare me!!! :o) Trish

Trisha said...

Oh....and I LOVE the background! It's so pretty! Great job! Pat yourself on the back. Oh wait, you already did that and then yelled at me for NOT noticing. Sheesh! Trish....again

Sheila said...

Yeah, yeah, too little to late. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Um, yeah that does kinda make it easier to read things!
It looks great!

Sheila said...

Hey, nobody asked your opinion! :-P

Trisha said...

Told you so!!!